Economic Development

Building Good Jobs in the Great Plains Through Clean Energy Investments:  Impacts in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

Construction Careers Versus Construction Jobs: A Case Study of Two Construction Sectors in the Twin Cities Region

Common Sense Construction: The Economic Impacts of Indiana’s Common Construction Wage

Gas Taxes in the United States and Globally: Failing to Address Transportation Infrastructure

Self-Sufficient Construction Workers: Why Prevailing Wage Laws are the Best Deal for Taxpayers

The Cost of Construction Injuries and Fatalities in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa: Economic Commentary

The Cost of Repealing Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Policy: Impacts on Total Construction Costs and Economic Activity

The Effects of Repealing Common Construction Wage in Indiana: Impacts on Ten Construction Market Outcomes

The Energy Sector in Minnesota: Getting Down and Dirty on Clean Energy Opportunities in Minnesota

The Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws on Military Veterans: An Economic and Labor Market Analysis

The Impact of Prevailing Wage Laws on Military Veterans: Report Fact Sheet

School Construction and Prevailing Wage in Minnesota: Economic Commentary

Union Decline and Economic Redistribution: A Report on Twelve Midwest States

Weakening Prevailing Wage Hurts Local Contractors and Workers: A Case Study from Southern Indiana

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